King Bell Resturant

King Bell Resturant is based at the top of the Hirafu Gondola, when you exit the gondola, look left and you will see the building ahead of you.

This is a canteen style Resturant with several different food stations along the service counter and a separate cafe at the rear of the seating area.

The cafe does a margarita pizza, coffee, hot chocolate and ice cream, the main canteen is very limited in vegetarian food, there are small boxes of French fries and rice available (if you ask), along with soy sauce soaked hard boiled eggs (available from the ramen counter). The ramen station now has a big sign up informing vegetarians that their stock contains pork essence, so ramen is out of the question.
The other vegetarian looking meal, the vegetable soup curry, also has pork essence in the soup, so unfortunatly that is also off the menu.

Again, Here gets busy during the peak season, so best to avoid between 12 and 1.30 if possible.

Hanazono 308

The resturant at the base of the Hanazono area, 308, so named as it sits at 308 meters above sea level, makes an excellent place for lunch or a coffee break.

There are a few options in here for vegetarians, margarita pizza, salad and the omelet and rice dish, which you can ask for with out the meat sauce. You can also get freshly cooked French fries from the little cafe next to the restaurant, which also does great muffins, coffee and ice cream!

Be warned though, it gets very busy in here at peak season, despite extra seating being provided this winter.

Melt buffet

the Hilton hotel has an all you can eat buffet in the Melt lounge, on the 2nd floor.

This sounds amazing, but be aware, there are limited vegetarian options available here. Over the last few seasons the number of vegetarian options has reduced and upon my visit here the other day, I found spaghetti from the pasta counter, (but I had to refuse the sauce) as the only vegetarian hot dish along with salad and bread and of course desert.

Although it it is lovely to sit in the Melt lounge and relax with the beautiful back drop of Mt Yotei, I found the available food was not worth the ¥2500 it cost.



Green Farm Cafe

Green Farm Cafe, on the corner of the traffic lights, opposite seicomart is in a great location, with great coffee, chai and tea along with some great vegetarian food options.

For lunch the other day I had a veggie burger.  A huge tofu slab with some grilled veggies between a lightly toasted bread bun, plus some chips.  On the menu there was also some other vegetarian options, including gnocchi and salads.

With free wifi, this is a great little place to come and enjoy a coffee or some lunch.

image image

Sora Ramen and Izakaya

Sora ramen and izakaya, located opposite Big Foot, has many Ramens to choose from. Unfortunatly upon checking, the soup used for the Ramens is fish or pork based, so not suitable for those who do not eat fish and meat as part of their diet.

I did manage to find tempura vegetables, which were very tasty and deep fried cheese (always a favourite), so there are vegetarian options, they just might not fill you up quite as much as the meat eaters with their Ramens!


Ramen and izakaya
Ramen and izakaya

Amaru Mexican Restaurant and bar

I visited Amaru, Brett’s new bar (in the tancho centre, close to NAC, on the ground floor) on Friday night with some friends.

On first look at the menu, other than chips, there seemed to be no vegetarian option. All the fajitas, nachos and quassedas came with the choice of beef, pork, chicken or shrimp.

When the waitress came to take our order, I asked if there was anyway they could do a vegetarian option of any of the items on the menu. She very nicely said she would go and check with the kitchen and returned a couple of minutes later to ask me if cheese and pork stock were ok for me to eat.  For myself, the cheese was ok, however I told her the stock was not ok and would it be possible for a meal without the stock?

My meal arrived a little later with a lovely plate of fajitas, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, relish and wraps along with a sizzling plate of sauted vegetables. It was delicious!

If you are ever anywhere where there seems to be no obvious vegetarian option, please ask. Some kitchens are happy to comply with dietary requirements when they are aware. This is a prime example of very tasty vegetarian food, I will most definitely be returning!


155-132 Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 044-0081 , Japan +81 136-22-6544
This little restaurant in the lower village is a favorite of many people, so pre-booking is advisable.
There are several items on the menu that are vegetarian friendly, but none of the dishes list ingredients, so be sure to speak to the chef before ordering. Foolishly I did not do this last night, and my deep fried tofu arrived swimming in fish paste soup and with bonito flakes on top. I was very fortunate that the chef replaced it with a special vegan ‘tofu pond sauce’ (!) dish, with tofu, greens and mushroom.

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Snug Pub

We visited the little japanese snug pub in Hirafu (just next to NAC) and had a lovely meal. They have their very own vegetarian menu, with a good choice of various dishes, making choosing our food very easy indeed.

There are also some vegan options on their menu too.

its just a small place, so unless you’re there early you might need to be patient and wait for a table.

Menu from ‘A snug japanese pub’


Hungry? Hangry? Confused?

So you thought you were coming to a tofu paradise? Only to find everything  garnished with fish flakes or floating in pork broth?

Don’t despair, you are not alone, there are many vegetarians and vegans here, and there is food you can eat. This site aims to make it easier to find food and choose places to eat.

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